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Melnragė is a former small fishing village. Now Melnragė is a favourite resort area of Klaipėda city, divided into two parts – the southern one is called Melnragė 1 and includes the north breakwater, port access and Klaipėda forest, and the northern one is called Melnragė 2, ending at Giruliai. There are only 4.8 km from our hotel to Melnragė beach, which can be reached by car in just 8 minutes, in 20 minutes cycling down a beautiful bicycle path of 5.6 km (from Dragūnai neighbourhood), and in 1 hour on foot, admiring the forest. When you arrive at Melnragė 1, be sure to visit the north breakwater and the well-maintained territory with wooden paths meandering through the white sand dunes. The paths are fun to walk and cycle. Beautiful wooden benches are built for resting. There are also spots for sports.


Giruliai, located in the very north of Klaipėda City Municipality, is a small settlement surrounded by green forests and washed by the Baltic Sea. Due to the extremely beautiful and rich nature, a botanical-zoological reserve has been established here. Giruliai beach is one of the favourite beaches of Klaipėda city, which is often chosen by families on holiday. One of the attractions of Giruliai beach is a wooden viewpoint built a few years ago. Holidaymakers love to climb up to admire the beach, watch the setting sun or take photos. The distance from our hotel to Giruliai beach by car is about 7.7 km, which would only take 11 minutes to get there. You can also come here by Klaipėda public transport, down the bicycle path and even by train. Klaipėda guests who choose Giruliai for rest by the sea have the opportunity to enjoy not only the beach, but also hiking and cycling paths.


The Dutchman's Cap is a cliff by the Baltic Sea, located in the Seaside Regional Park, 2 km north of Giruliai, near Karklė. The cliff got this name because it resembles a Dutch cap when viewed from the sea. It offers sea views with steep shores and pebble beaches. It is good to watch birds flying over the sea from the cliff. Here you will get energised surrounded by sea waves and nature. At the top of the slope there are sheltered observation spots. The Dutchman's Cap Landscape Reserve covers an area of 123 hectares. Its highest peak is called the Dutchman's Cap Hill. It is a parabolic dune rising 24 metres above the sea, formed on a moraine ridge. The Dutchman's Cap Hill is constantly destroyed by the waves and descends to the seashore with a 16-18 metre high slope. There is no such high cliff on the Lithuanian coast. In 2008, the Dutchman's Cap Hill was included in the List of Natural Heritage Objects.


Our hotel is located next to the Summer Concert Stage, where concerts take place during the season. There are many hiking and cycling paths nearby (bicycle and hiking path Summer Concert Stage–Giruliai), a playground, fitness equipment, a bicycle and electric scooter rental.

„MINIMELTS“ ADVENTURE PARK („Kar Kar“ adventure park )

Minimelts Adventure Park is located in Klaipėda City Recreation Park. In the adventure park you will have a fun and meaningful time and take in the fresh air. It is an ideal form of entertainment for both young and old, for a company of friends and family.


Klaipėda University Botanical Garden is a botanical garden belonging to Klaipėda University. Founded in 1993, the Botanical Garden is located 3-14 m above sea level, in the northern part of Klaipėda, on the right bank of the River Danė valley (Kretingos St. 92). The total area of the garden is 9.3 ha. The Botanical Garden is located in an area with exceptional climatic conditions: it has a higher air temperature, higher rainfall, and a longer plant vegetation period compared to other parts of Lithuania.


Lake Svijanė (formerly Mumlaukis or Mulaukis) is just 350 m away from our hotel. You can get there in 5 minutes and admire the water lilies.